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What we are looking for in our writers:

Raw. REAL. Not afraid to call it how it is and speak your truth.

SCA honors value, especially when it comes to the written word.


We want you to take a stance, tell a meaningful and impactful story, and have something about you that stands out. We are not looking for amateur writing or those who are not afraid to let it rip while sitting in front of their computer. We are looking for pieces that touch our hearts, blow us away, and make us give a damn.


We have 3 ways that writer’s get paid at SCA:


1. Energetic Exchange of Value:

If you want to write for SCA and you want to do it on a weekly basis and you add value to SCA we will promote your products and services in exchange for your writing.


Meaning, if you are a coach, if you have books to sell or audio courses or a special promotion that is exclusive for SCA we will promote these services in exchange for your articles and our email marketing and shop. No commission will be taken from this exchange as the writing is the value you give SCA.


If you have products that go over 100 dollars we will take a 25% sellers commission for this until SCA has sold over 100. If SCA sells 100 we will bump the commission up to 45% as we have now proven that we are an asset in selling your bigger items.


2. Pay Per Click:

If you want to write for SCA but you have no experience or you have never written for SCA we need will honor the value of your writing based upon the number of clicks you generate. If you generate more than 2000 clicks, we will pay you a flat rate of $50.


3. Direct Pay:

If you write for SCA and you kick-ass and add real value to SCA we will pay you what you are worth. You cannot reach direct pay without first getting through click pay. Once we see that you add consistent value we will base your pay on the value.


If you are directly paid by SCA for your work, you add immense value to SCA and will we give back to you in more ways than money. Honoring those who add value to SCA and our followers is what SCA stands for.
Sound good You?
Here’s What You Need to Do.
  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Be sure that the content you are submitting belongs to you.
  3. If your content has been published elsewhere we will still take a peek, however a few things must be done before we can accept your awesome work:
    1. Title needs to be changed (we reserve the right to update titles as we see fit, too)
    2. First paragraph needs to be updated/changed completely
    3. Featured image will be changed indefinitely (we reserve the right to use our own imagery, too)
    4. Include the link to your previously published post in the space provided below
  4. Please wait 3-5 business days before you submit your work to another publication. If in that time frame you have not heard from someone, but still want your work to go up on SCA, you may email [email protected]. If you have not submitted through the form below, and you email us your piece, there’s a good chance we won’t be able to publish it. Legalities suck, but those checkboxes below are important. Please fill out the form accordingly.

We are pumped to welcome you and your awesome talent to our team. Thank you for being a part of what makes SCA so special. Talk soon!

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