we are where surface meets substance

Emilio Testa and Kelly Marceau: Co-Founders of SCA

In 2013, Kelly Marceau wrote her break out article: Sexy. Conscious. Awake. Women: Who We Are, What We Want and Need From Men. From the other side of the world, Aussie, Emilio Testa, read her article and was instantly floored. He had never heard a voice like hers. Blown away by Kelly’s words, he knew he had to find her. Emilio reached out to Kelly three days after her article went viral. At that time, she was inundated with messages and didn’t see his note. He didn’t hear back from her for nine months until he reached out again and struck her with the kind of message that made Kelly drop her phone. (If you want to know the full story wait for the articles). A true love story, from opposite ends of the world, what some would deem stranger than fiction, the two met face to face almost a year after they began talking. After meeting, it became obvious that the two were bound to create great things together. In 2015, they created the brand Sexy. Conscious. Awake. Given how they met, it was only natural they turned the brand into an online magazine. By day, they are creators and big thinkers actualizing greater realities. By night, they stay up late laughing and talking as they plot out each of their individual and combined desires to do the kind of things in the world, of which others often only dream.

Kelly Marceau: Writer, Editor and Publisher of SCA

Coined the “Cosmo of Spirituality” by her fans, Kelly Marceau has a way of blending “surface and substance” that is inimitably hers. When Kelly coined the term “Sexy. Conscious. Awake.” she sought to bridge the gap between the unconscious and conscious world. Kelly believes that integration of the masculine and feminine, the emotional realm and intellect is the only way to understand the true power of polarity. She seeks to help people understand this gap in a profound way, so that the struggles most people face in contemporary life are less scary and overwhleming.  Kelly has a B.A. in Philosophy with an emphasis in Religious Studies and has written for Yoganonymous, My Tiny Secrets, Raw Attraction Magazine, The Good Men Project and Kellymarceau.com. Kelly has also ghost written for MindBodyGreen, Positively Positive, Natural Cures, The Master’s Shift and Elephant Journal. Her background in psychology stems from extensive experience with transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. She is a devout advocate of Five-Element Chinese Acupuncture, which treats the spirit and houses the soul in the body to keep the emotional body and mental body in harmony. While Kelly values self-care, she’s also a human with a wild soul. She loves a good gin and tonic, skinny jeans and high heels . . . and she loves to have in-depth conversations about the nature of reality. A true Gemini, this one-woman powerhouse doesn’t slow down for anyone but her daughter, her partner in crime, family, and friends.

Emilio Testa: CFO, Writer and Creator

Emilio Testa is a man on a mission. He’s not the kind of man who plays small in any area of his life. He doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder or something to prove. He’s a rare man who leads with both heart and intellect. Emilio has been known to push boundaries by testing the system and questioning everything. He never takes anything at face value. Emilio is passionate about diving deep into the riddles of reality and unveiling the truth behind the smoke and mirrors pulled over the eyes of the masses. His education has been primarily trial by fire. Emilio is the force behind the scenes of SCA. He oversees everything and every decision to ensure that SCA is at the level both he and Kelly dream it to be. As the only Cancer amongst the mostly Gemini backboned staff, SCA would not function with the same level of mastery without his presence.

Artem Nikulkov: Business Manager, Web Wizard, and Video Extraordinare

Artem Nikulkov has his own vision. He doesn’t live by anyone’s rules but his own. His main focus is https://earthcoast.com. Artem joined forces with SCA to turn the kind of dreams SCA had into a reality. Mostly, he keeps Emilio and Kelly organized as he co-directs and manages the key elements that take a business from good to great.