3 Things That Will Improve Your Relationships Exponentially

When many of us decide to take on a relationship there are a few things we should consider but many of us don’t. There is

Monogamy Monday: Monogamy Is Not Human Nature

(Before you read this check out the precursor to this series: Monogamy Is Not For Amateurs) NONE OF US ARE MONOGAMOUS BY NATURE. At least

The Lies and Delusions of “Awakened”, “Conscious” Men

In Part One, (which you would be good to read before this article) I spoke about the foolishness of looking for god-men to love us

You Need a (hu)Man, Not A Warrior: You’re No DAMSEL in Distress

If I read one more article espousing delusions regarding awakening men, I am going to hurl. My favorite is when writers write BS like: “You

Abusive Relationships From A Spiritual Point Of View

We have all either been in one or know someone who has been in one. If you haven’t then count yourself lucky to have avoided