The 3 BIG Reasons Men Are Burdened By Sexual Shame and Disorientation

Most men have no idea of the true power of sex. Most of us use orgasm as a means to merely release tension in the

2 Ways to End Intimacy’s Tragic Cycle

I’ve discovered a tragic cycle in intimacy. Woman routinely lets man know he’s “not enough” (doesn’t feel enough; not emotional enough; not expressive enough; often

6 Things You Need To Know If You’re A Man Who Loves Porn

In my boyhood teenage days of yore, using pornography required patience, even imagination. One of my early adventures with porn occurred on weekday afternoons when

Keyword: Rape

In July 2015 I posted an article on my blog about coping with and talking about being raped. Like anyone else who has a website

Maybe We All Need To Be A Little More Slutty

Slut is an extremely powerful word, isn’t it? In four letters we have managed to encapsulate all of the shaming we, as humans, connect with

Great Sex Isn’t Enough

Have you ever been in a relationship where the sex was amazing, but most everything else sucked? You know … as long as you were

The Path To GENESIS Deflowered and The Sexual Divide

Forward by Kelly Marceau: Matthew Stillman, the author of this piece wrote the book: Genesis Deflowered. He translated the bible to integrate biblicial erotica, an aspect of

MEN Need To Have Sex With A Lot Of Women: Fallacy or Inconvenient Truth?


What Sexy. Conscious. Awake. Women. Want SEXUALLY From MEN

You might be wondering, what the hell does that feel like? When a man connects his energy to yours you know it. It’s electric. Suddenly you are not just a physical body anymore. Even though you are still having a physical experience you are also having an energetic experience that expands far beyond your..