Libra Trifecta: Mercury, Jupiter and The Sun, Oh My!

Mercury, mischievous messenger, ruler of the conscious mind and communication, enters the cardinal Air sign of Libra on October 7th. Mercury will transit Libra until


As my fellow Gemini, Macario says, “I’m a conundrum wrapped in an enigma trapped in a contradiction.” Nothing describes a GEMINI better than this, except for maybe another analogy I heard from another friend, which had nothing to do with GEMINI’S but it stuck. Being a GEMINI is like “trying to

Mercury Retrograde and Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse: Maze or Labyrinth?

No doubt you are feeling the escalation of conflated confusion as Mercury, planet of the conscious mind, how and what you think, is slowing down

Crystal Prescription for Full Moon in Capricorn: Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the deep blue stones used by the ancients to access full contact with Divine Guidance. Sodalite is solid, grounding you to

Full Moon in Capricorn: Ancestral Wisdom To Illuminate Your Path

Full Moons are times of illumination, your path lit by the intuitive wisdom of the Divine Feminine, no more so than the Full Moon in

An Alchemical Ritual For Tonight’s Full Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn, the wise elder, gets the full light of the moon this month, bringing awareness to our level of maturity, commitment to discipline, being overworked

4 Asteroid Goddesses In The Sky Right Now: Will You Answer Their Call?

The world is experiencing a great upheaval at the moment. We call into question our cultural rules, societal norms, governmental workings and religious affiliations. This

Mercury + Venus Enter Leo’s Turf: It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Mercury in Leo: 14 July – 29 July 2016 Venus in Leo: 12 July – 5 August 2016 It’s certainly heating up around my neck

How To Soothe Your Intense Emotions With Rose Quartz

Undoubtedly you are feeling the excavation and emotional release of Mars retrograde in Scorpio, either directly and personally in your own life or in the

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Calling all Mermaids

As we approach the Summer Solstice on June 20, which follows a powerful Full Moon at the last degree of Sagittarius opposite the Sun in