Monogamy Monday: Monogamy Is Not Human Nature

(Before you read this check out the precursor to this series: Monogamy Is Not For Amateurs) NONE OF US ARE MONOGAMOUS BY NATURE. At least

Monogamy Monday: Monogamy Is Not For Amateurs

As an adult you try to balance your selfish impulses with the art of giving and sharing with others, so your aren’t so self-centered. Except for when it comes to ROMANCE. No one, initially, wants to share in LOVE. Once you meet someone who activates your heart, that’s it, the sharing game is over and you revert back to your 3 year old territorial self of mine, mine, mine. Love, in monogamy, is a selfish pursuit. So much so that if anyone else expresses interest or love for the person you love, you are willing to

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Monogamous relationships don’t have to be such a drag. Too many of you are stuck in relationship ruts that don’t serve you and it’s time

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Successful relationships require MAD SKILLS. Decoding what your partner’s issues are pointing at in you is an important skill. When you choose someone you choose

Monogamy Monday: The Potential of Monogamy

Monogamy used to make me cringe and think about a boring ass existence. The same person, day after day. Sounded a lot more like monotony

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“What are your deal breakers?” I asked a friend recently as she was talking about re-entering the dating world. She replied with absolute certainty, “Well,

Monogamy Monday: Why We Love The Way We Do

“Intimate attachments to other human beings are the hub around which a person’s life revolves, not only when he is an infant or a toddler

Monogamy Mondays: The Huge Mistake Everyone Makes In Relationships

One of the greatest mistakes most people make when it comes to relationship is the idea that TWO become ONE. You fall into one another, mix