Turn The 7 Deadliest Sins Into The 7 Fiercest Virtues Of Your Relationship

If you struggle with keeping solid relationships and you aren't getting your needs met, if you keep falling into the same relationship patterns that just don't work, if you are ready for healthier and smarter relationships, then this eBook was written for someone just like you.

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Are you ready to start having the relationships you truly desire?
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Join us as we turn the 7 deadliest sins to the 7 fiercest virtues.
As someone who seeks a solid relationship in our modern world, you cannot succeed without some serious skills. You can't afford to be ignorant of the greatest struggles most people face modern romance. If you've been operating in chaos or in a downward spiral in your relationships and would love to get clarity on how to shift some of your deadly sins into virtues --- then this is your go-to guide for relationship success.

Does this sound like you?

• You constantly have the same issues in every relationship and these "issues" never seem to get resolved.
• You're not getting the love you seek or the level of connection you want. It's a constant struggle just to find someone who values the same things you do. 
​​​​​​• Your bad romances outnumber your good romances.
• You're ready for some new insights and smarter skills for navigating the turbulent pitfalls of relationships.
• You're sick of having unconscious relationships that get you nowhere in a hurry. 

If you've answered "Yes!" to any of these questions: Remapping The 7 Deadly Sins In Relationships is a perfect match for you. In this eBook we will show you what it takes to remap the 7 Deadly Sins to empower and grow your mind, your heart, and your spirit specifically in these key areas below:
How to rethink and remap your relationship with desire and LUST by turning lust into your ally, not your adversary. 
How to apply self-care and self-love to your personal life, so you don't feed off others energetically or emotionally. 
Learn why greed and poverty mentality kills relationships and how to use reciprocity as your way forward.  
Why lack of participation and laziness results in you having poor relationships.
Why WRATH is unnecessarily brought on by a poor understanding of our emotions and feelings.
How envy is brought on by a deep sense of lack and leads to obsessing over loss, that eventually results in jealousy and irrationality.
Why pride is justified and how to balance pride with humility. Having a sense of pride is a lost art in our culture. Let's relearn what it means to have a solid sense of pride, instead of hubris.
When you're ready to dive deeper, check out our 7 Deadly Sins companion: The WorkBook. The workbook is only for those are ready to REMAP. The WorkBook is for those who are serious about transformation.
Two conference calls a week will be held for those of you who want to use the skills and tools you learn in our eBook to remap with the WorkBook and support group.

Are you ready to start having the relationships you truly desire?

Download this FREE eBook Today: Remapping The 7 Deadly Sins In Relationships

Your Guide
Kelly Marceau-Testa

​​​​I'm a modern female writer, philosopher, visionary, mother, partner, lover and entrepreneur invested in shadow-work, the dark-side of the unconscious, and raising the conscious awareness of humanity. My passion is helping others learn how to govern themselves, by reconnecting them to the intelligence of their emotions, so that they can apply the use of emotional intelligence.

For years I have worked with men and women all over the globe to uncover and understand why so many of us struggle to be free from the kind of relationship problems we feel for far too long. How can we seek love? How can we struggle with the very relatedness that we deeply desire? My life's work is investigating the questions of love, intelligent feeling, right knowledge, and wisdom.

​​​​​​​I believe people deserve to be educated properly on how to use the forces that terrify us to build a solid sense of personal power. Empowerment is not just the latest fad - it's a way of being and acting in the world. When you value what you do, it becomes effortless. It's no longer a matter of control. So when we all use conscious choice instead of control to guide our lives, then we will all be on the way to mastery . . . 

​​​​​​​XO, Kelly Marceau-Testa

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