Emotionally Potty Training Men: Who They Are and Why You Attract Them

If you are banging your head against a wall, if you feel like you deserve better, if you are tired of never being heard, if you are tired of being taken for granted, or you want a MAN you can grow a REAL RELATIONSHIP WITH, check it out.

Monogamy Monday: The Potential of Monogamy

Monogamy used to make me cringe and think about a boring ass existence. The same person, day after day. Sounded a lot more like monotony

3 Things Men Do in Relationships That Repel Women

A lot of men tell me they don’t understand women. Intelligent men. Attractive men. Well-to-do business men. Men who you would never think really don’t

Monogamy Monday: Why We Love The Way We Do

“Intimate attachments to other human beings are the hub around which a person’s life revolves, not only when he is an infant or a toddler

2 Ways to End Intimacy’s Tragic Cycle

I’ve discovered a tragic cycle in intimacy. Woman routinely lets man know he’s “not enough” (doesn’t feel enough; not emotional enough; not expressive enough; often

He Loves You Without The Fucking Ring . . .

Today I sat and thought about every single relationship in my life. I thought about whether there are any that mirror the type of companionship

Love Her Before She Leaves You (and him too, ladies)

“I had no idea things were that bad. When she left it was such a shock.” Was it really? Because I’m sure there were signs

If You’re Not Getting The Love You Deserve, Just Leave His Ass . . .

Sometimes the best a woman can do for a man is leave him. I know this will piss off many men. Not long ago, it

I’m Not Looking Over My Shoulder For Him Anymore

When do we know we’ve found “it”? One of my mentors told me a story a few years ago that has stuck to my heart

Why You Need to Sweep Your Own Ass Off It’s Feet

Be your own goddamn knight. Love isn’t coming to sweep you off your feet – it isn’t. Don’t sit by the door and listen for