Turning The 7 Deadly Sins In Relationship Into The Greatest LOVE Virtues

Believe it or not, if you desire love and relationship above all things, you need to venture down into the shadows where the 7 Deadly


Sexy on the inside is a craft. When I put the word “sexy” in front of the words “conscious” and “awake” I was blown away

3 Ways To Wake-Up Women Who Are Emotionally Selfish

It takes a big woman to admit the ways in which she is emotionally selfish. Historically, women have been given the right to be emotional,

How Heartbreak Can Distort Your Sense of Self

WHEN I WAS NINETEEN I WAS SO IN LOVE. And like it seems to always happen with great relationships at that age, she went away

3 Things That Will Improve Your Relationships Exponentially

When many of us decide to take on a relationship there are a few things we should consider but many of us don’t. There is

Monogamy Monday: Monogamy Is Not Human Nature

(Before you read this check out the precursor to this series: Monogamy Is Not For Amateurs) NONE OF US ARE MONOGAMOUS BY NATURE. At least

11 Qualities In Men That Will Charm The Pants Off Any Woman

Let’s face it, no one likes boring. No passion, no edge, no fire, no spice might as well be a cardboard cut out of a man. A man with no edge is like a wet towel on your fire. Women like men that..

True Love Isn’t Just For Disney Princesses: If You Create It, It Will Come

Disclaimer: This is a series, if you have not read the first part, please read now or after, whenever it tickles your fancy. For longer

Monogamy Monday: Monogamy Is Not For Amateurs

As an adult you try to balance your selfish impulses with the art of giving and sharing with others, so your aren’t so self-centered. Except for when it comes to ROMANCE. No one, initially, wants to share in LOVE. Once you meet someone who activates your heart, that’s it, the sharing game is over and you revert back to your 3 year old territorial self of mine, mine, mine. Love, in monogamy, is a selfish pursuit. So much so that if anyone else expresses interest or love for the person you love, you are willing to

The Lies and Delusions of “Awakened”, “Conscious” Men

In Part One, (which you would be good to read before this article) I spoke about the foolishness of looking for god-men to love us