Our Mission



Love is more than a feeling and it takes the knowledge of emotion and feeling to take relationships from good to great.

Our Story and Mission

Sexy: A state of being/state of mind that connects the human spirit to the visceral world.
Conscious: Awareness, the ability to reflect or see the difference between your subjective experience and the objective world.
Awake: Consciousness in action.

Sexy Conscious Awake is an online magazine where surface and substance meet. We believe in owning the entire spectrum of what it means to be human – acknowledging and enjoying the sexy while simultaneously being awake enough to fully live with purpose and presence. Previously these two aspects of life have existed individually, completely apart and rarely mentioned in the same sentence. But SCA seeks to change that, by recognizing and celebrating that the human spirit is defined by the polarity of these qualities existing harmoniously within each of us!


The central pillar of SCA, relationship are the foundation of how we live our lives. Every type of relationship – be it an intimate and romantic relationship with a loved one, a business relationship between partners or clients, a casual relationship with a server at your favorite restaurant, the unspoken connection between you and your artwork, or the interpersonal relationship with one’s self – every relationship that we share drives a different aspect of our life. Collectively, they define who we are as an individual and as a member of society. And a key pillar of SCA is advocating how you can strengthen and refine all these different relationships in order to live a life that is simultaneously SEXY (the surface) and CONSCIOUS/AWAKE (the substance).

SCA is still in its infancy and we are just getting going on creating visual content to help define our brand. The site will eventually be more refined and will house all the different aspects of the SCA identity. Some include, but are not limited to, SCA Women, SCA Men, SCA Relationships, Culture, Lifestyle, Travel, Artist Directories (photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, designers, writers, models, stylists, makeup artist), etc.


Wants You To Know…

We are collective of unique individuals who exemplify a multidimensional hub for conscious-awake life. Each individual on this platform has their own personal styles, their own way of approaching their personal existence and growth. We don’t try to be the same and we aren’t the same. We believe that when talented individuals come together to create community by staying true to our own personal styles and ways of being conscious-awake, that true magic happens. It is our hope that someone here will resonate with your own personal journey and inspire you to live your truth. None of us want you to be like us or adopt our beliefs. We hope that the courage we have to find our truth, inspires you to find yours. We are here to help you along your path as you uncover who you truly are, what you truly want, and what this life means for you. We are here to support you be a better human being, but if you can’t handle our truth don’t blame us. We don’t take shit, we won’t cater to your projections, and if respect for our art isn’t in your consciousness or vocabulary, and you personally attack our contributors, we will have no problem shoveling you right on over to Karma or Kali if you’re a real pain in the ass.

Apparently, she’s a real bitch that Karma. And Kali, she chops off heads with the blade of truth.

We choose our imagery: provocative imagery, gorgeous women and men, because we honor the place of aesthetics, beauty and style as an extention of our humanity. If it makes you uncomfortable, if you think it’s cheap and shallow, if you feel bad about yourself— we invite you to explore your perceptions, and own that it is yours. Everything on this site we love, it reflects our own inner beauty and relationship to ourselves and this world. We do not discriminate against the material world or beauty. We love it all. We choose to be fully human.

If you don’t like what we do, if you just come here to hate, please land elsewhere.

If you love what we do and you want to be apart of it, please get in contact with us.