Sexy on the inside is a craft. When I put the word “sexy” in front of the words “conscious” and “awake” I was blown away

Is Circumcision Genital Mutilation?

Did you know that the foreskin is the same skin that forms the clitoral hood on a woman? Crazy, right?! When I became aware of

Libra Trifecta: Mercury, Jupiter and The Sun, Oh My!

Mercury, mischievous messenger, ruler of the conscious mind and communication, enters the cardinal Air sign of Libra on October 7th. Mercury will transit Libra until

3 Ways To Wake-Up Women Who Are Emotionally Selfish

It takes a big woman to admit the ways in which she is emotionally selfish. Historically, women have been given the right to be emotional,


As my fellow Gemini, Macario says, “I’m a conundrum wrapped in an enigma trapped in a contradiction.” Nothing describes a GEMINI better than this, except for maybe another analogy I heard from another friend, which had nothing to do with GEMINI’S but it stuck. Being a GEMINI is like “trying to

Mercury Retrograde and Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse: Maze or Labyrinth?

No doubt you are feeling the escalation of conflated confusion as Mercury, planet of the conscious mind, how and what you think, is slowing down

How Heartbreak Can Distort Your Sense of Self

WHEN I WAS NINETEEN I WAS SO IN LOVE. And like it seems to always happen with great relationships at that age, she went away

Do You Still Love Me Jesus, I Ain’t Christian Anymore?

Let’s talk about what religion does to (certain) people and the belief they hold that if you’re not a Christian and don’t have Jesus in your heart, you are doomed to eternal damnation.

Crystal Prescription for Full Moon in Capricorn: Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the deep blue stones used by the ancients to access full contact with Divine Guidance. Sodalite is solid, grounding you to

Tuesday Newsday: Hillary Clinton’s Race To Deface The Female Lead

For the first time in American history, the female lead to run for Presidential election: Hillary Rodham Clinton has been both DEFACED and disbanded all before