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Libra Trifecta: Mercury, Jupiter and The Sun, Oh My!

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mercury in libra

Mercury, mischievous messenger, ruler of the conscious mind and communication, enters the cardinal Air sign of Libra on October 7th.

Mercury will transit Libra until he moves into Scorpio on October 25th. Swiftly moving this month, Mercury joins the Sun and Jupiter already illuminating the field of consciousness with Libra’s imperative: rightful, just action that aligns you with full balance.

The areas of your life Libra will work, the areas it sits in your chart and the planets and/or points it touches, will show you where the energy will play out in your life and what you get to work on during this Libra-infused opportunity for growth and expansion. Undoubtedly you will be working on things unique to you and may not be in sync with others around you. What you are working on is perfect for you. Resist the urge to compare and compete. Your path is yours and your alone to work.

It can feel baffling when the caca is hitting the fan in your life and others in your life are doing fabulous. Or vice versa. The roof just caved in on the life of someone you know and your life is running smooth as silk. Look to astrology for the explanation.

Your path is greatly influenced by the planets as they dance their way through the cosmos. When a personal planet – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn (or any combination of these) is impacting your chart you will feel the effect of their vibration playing out in your daily life, quite personally. The energies of the personal planets are fast-moving, sometimes leaving a longer term effect and sometimes being but a flash in the pan.

If one of the transpersonal planets – Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto (or any combination of these) are working on your chart you can be assured that the effects of these planets will create life-changing opportunities for you to grow and morph according to the signs the planets are moving through and the areas of your life the planets are affecting.

The more you know about your chart the more you can take advantage of the planetary influences in the NOW, the present, the moment you are living.

For Mercury’s quick and fluid flight through Libra look to your own thinking and where balance is required. Are you too judgmental of yourself and/or others? Are you too accommodating, flaunting your codependency like a feather boa draped around your neck? Are you so rigid that you cannot accommodate any diversion from your selected path?

Understanding what is coming down the pike towards to you vibrationally can greatly support you in not only dealing with what is approaching (soon to be your NOW) but in using that energy for expansive growth in the areas that are being affected.

Whatever is your stuck point, Mercury in Libra will help you to identify the imbalance, directing you towards the ares you need to work on to create balance and equilibrium in your life.

Cindy Morris, msw, is a practicing astrologer, writer, humorist, and presenter. She is the author of Priestess Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job and co-author of A Call to Light Workers, A Time for LOVE, The Loved and Cherished Heart: Awakening Self-LOVE, A Traveler’s Guide to LOVE, and numerous short memoir pieces. Cindy has a Masters in Social Work, has run a successful flower shop, was raised in the Bronx, and now lives in Boulder, Colorado where she collaborates with intuitive healer and crystologist, John Corsa, in their transformational work: Ignite Your Soul Potential.