As my fellow Gemini, Macario says, “I’m a conundrum wrapped in an enigma trapped in a contradiction.” Nothing describes a GEMINI better than this, except for maybe another analogy I heard from another friend, which had nothing to do with GEMINI’S but it stuck. Being a GEMINI is like “trying to

How Heartbreak Can Distort Your Sense of Self

WHEN I WAS NINETEEN I WAS SO IN LOVE. And like it seems to always happen with great relationships at that age, she went away

Do You Still Love Me Jesus, I Ain’t Christian Anymore?

Let’s talk about what religion does to (certain) people and the belief they hold that if you’re not a Christian and don’t have Jesus in your heart, you are doomed to eternal damnation.

How You Choose To Struggle Directly Determines Your Levels of Success

  Failures + struggles . . . who knew  ‘the negative’ had such an investment in the value of success?  When most people think of

The Evolution of SEXY. CONSCIOUS. AWAKE. Women: Taste The Feminine Roar

I’d like to allow my VULNERABILITY to shine through in this piece. Two years ago when I wrote the first installment of the original viral post

A Sacred Letter To Women from SEXY. CONSCIOUS. AWAKE. Men

Men speak to women from the heart and soul.

The Top 6 Qualities To Look For In A Man

By now, you’ve probably met enough men who tick some of your boxes; just maybe not all of your boxes. Then there’s the rest of

Honoring The Mum of The Man I Love On Mother’s Day 2016

I’m not sure any of the mother’s of my former boyfriends vibed me. Let’s face it, I cannot be controlled. I have never been a

I’m Not Looking Over My Shoulder For Him Anymore

When do we know we’ve found “it”? One of my mentors told me a story a few years ago that has stuck to my heart

Relationships: An Invitation To Your Evolution, Love Doesn’t Have To Be Blind

If you had told me at 25 years old that the purpose of a relationship was to create a partnership, one which invited each other