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When I was younger I wasn’t airy fairy or spiritual, and didn’t have a clue what it meant to be “GEMINI.”

I didn’t even know what the heck astrology was and I sure as hell wasn’t going to live my life according to some horoscope or someone else’s interpretation of my existence based upon some old shit that modern fools capitalized on.
I believe in free will, even though I have come to understand that predetermination exists as well.

Before I twist your brain in knots with all my philosophical rhetoric let me just acknowledge that deep thinkers get off on mentally masturbating. We understand how two seemingly opposing things can be simultaneously true, hence, free will and predetermination can exist at the same time. If you’re dying to know how this is possible, hit me up, and we’ll rap out about it.

GEMINI’S are like no others in the ZODIAC.

I began to notice my dual nature when I was very young, before the age of twelve. I was totally two faced and couldn’t reconcile it. Within a span of ten minutes I could shift from feeling one way to another. When I first began to notice this discrepancy in my character, I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought I needed to be uniform in order to be authentic and judged myself frequently for being so agreeable and interchangeable. Fixed is transparent. It makes people feel safe, cause you know what you are going to get, but what about when you are versatile and mutable? What happens when you can’t predict feelings or behavior? GEMINI is ruled by the planet Mercury which is mutable not fixed, hence our nature to embrace change. The versatility in my thinking causes me to be a chameleon. In our culture we are taught to funnel a multifaceted reality into a common denominator, mainly one. Everything has to be unified. One god, one right way, one religion, one love, ONE, ONE, ONE.

Maybe that’s why monogamy isn’t the only option I entertain. I can envision a world beyond ONE, for I am TWO.

All GEMINI’S understand this condition and conundrum.

As my fellow Gemini, Macario says, “I’m a conundrum wrapped in an enigma trapped in a contradiction.”

Nothing describes a GEMINI better than this, except for maybe another analogy I heard from another friend, which had nothing to do with GEMINI’S but it stuck.

Being a GEMINI is like “trying to brush your teeth while eating an OREO.”

Can anyone say: MIND FUCK?

Yeah, warp your mind around that shit. And yes, I mean warp.

Listen people, no matter how many times I have tried to become narrow minded, I can’t. Gemini’s are expansive. We encapsulate the very nature of reality and its expanding universe in our cells. We cannot fight it; we cannot try to alter ourselves. It is who We are. I am both masculine and feminine, and I vacillate between both. One minute you might get the soft, loving, sweet Kelly, who makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside you never want to leave my embrace, then the other minute I become Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt in Fight Club. I am both, except I’m aware of my alter ego. I am not living in denial that I am both Kelly and Tyler Durden. The two know about each other and they’re both good spirited. Even my dark side is a lover. A lion lover, but his heart is pure. There isn’t a truly bad bone in my body. I might come off as harsh, I might even get in your face, and argue, but I do not like hurting people at all. I do not experience pleasure from harming others and when I do hurt people, however unintentional, I own my faults and mistakes. I will fight for what is right and I will take a beating, but my heart is so bloody soft I desire peace and love in the face of hate and violence.

The masculine in me tends to be edgy and fierce and doesn’t put up with jack shit, especially from men. I have been at the mercy of his ruling since I got my heart broken well over a decade ago. He’s my protector and he loves me, and I cannot imagine my world without him. A lot of guys wish my masculine would evaporate. He’s threatening and intimidating. He’s a tough sell and sniffs out bullshit quickly, but I have come to realize that the right kind of guy can tame the beast in me when they realize he’s actually just looking out for my best interest and poses no real threat if you’re worthy.

You have to be comfortable with mess to be with a GEMINI. I don’t mean messy, I mean chaos. Mud wrestling and dirty dancing anyone? Whoever falls in love with a GEMINI has to have a thick skin cause not only do we have two distinct sides, we are also AIR and as you know, when AIR gets whirling and gusting it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Did you feel the wind last night?

The next time the wind is howling and violent and you’re at the mercy of it’s cries, feel it’s energy. Let it pass through you and surround you. Stand in it’s vortex. It’s liberating. Wind has a very distinct character and imprint, which is the force and life blood of GEMINI.

As a child my parents nicknamed me Hurricane Kelly. I must have displayed force as a kid for when I wasn’t running from one thing to the next I had ten different scenarios playing out in my bedroom. I need variety, I need to mix it up, and I need to keep the frequency of mind engaged or else I never experience gravity. I don’t know what it means to have two feet on the ground and Earth signs have the hardest time with someone like me. I cut like a harsh wind kicking up some dirt. If you don’t like your feathers being ruffled, get out of my way. I am a force of raw nature.

On the flip side of my chaos, I can chill out like a champ. For however hard working, fast talking, thinking, and quicksilver I am, I am lazier than a lion when I want to be. Believe it or not, all high energy people need to put to bed or get horizontal, and we do it quite effortlessly, especially if you have a good book, beach, hammock, bed, couch, movie or T.V. show to captivate our senses. Preferably, we’d rather be fucking than doing nothing all damn day, but hey, we can do it all: lazy, crazy, mazy, fazy, hazy, and dazy. If you ever need to get laid, find yourself a GEMINI. We are lovers and that’s about the only thing that will get us to shut up and stop our thoughts from banging around in our heads all day long. If you have never been loved by a GEMINI, you don’t know what you’re missing. GEMINI’S are deeply passionate, imaginative, creative, and sexual creatures. We love to unravel desire down to it’s essence. GEMINI’S can let go. We know our center of origin so we love getting lost. It’s like SKY DIVING for us. Pure abandon and freedom are vital to our existence and sex allows a GEMINI energy to experience form. It is the Earth to our Air.

For however UH-MAZING GEMINI’S are, we have our pitfalls. Not all Gemini’s are created equal, nor are all of them cool, but the vast majority of us are fascinating. Gemini’s AIR causes us to get distracted, caught up, and scatter brained, which drives most people nuts. You might deal with this as a friend, but as a lover, you need handcuffs to keep us grounded. At the same time we can focus and create amazing wonders when we hone in on what we want. Gemini’s are not great listeners in social settings. We are butterflies, who flitter and flutter from beauty to libations. Wherever the good time is, you can wager we are at the center of it. DO NOT EVER TRY TO GET PERSONAL OR INTIMATE WITH A GEMINI AMONG GROUPS OF PEOPLE OR IN PUBLIC. We are too caught up, too distracted, and that shit isn’t personal. We are AIR. We are in a thousand places at once. If you want a GEMINI’S attention you need to get us alone. Or you need to get great at giving direction. There is a difference between telling us what to do like we are children and grabbing our attention to help us center. And believe me, when I tell you, we know the difference. You do not reprimand a Gemini if you want us to take you seriously. You communicate, and we will hear you. Gemini’s are not as calloused as most people think, we care, and we want to meet your needs, but not if you’re cutting us off at the pass, critical, or taking shit personally. Gemini’s can take direction when we are called out, but you have to be willing to do this and not get angry with us. If you can’t understand how we are, we will lose interest quickly. Gemini’s take considerable time to understand others, we expect no less from you.

One on one is the only way you will ever get your emotional needs met through a Gemini, cause left to our own devices we are all over the place.

I experience a lot of aggression and hostility from people who do not understand this aspect of my being. A lot of people want me front and center, completely engaged and I can give that to you provided I am not distracted or intoxicated. Other people, nights out, alcohol, drugs, and social settings distracts the fuck out of me and I can’t be all into you in those settings, even if I am.

I get lost. I get caught up. I lose reference of time and reality. It is a bi-product of GEMINI NATURE.

GEMINI’S are born communicators and thinkers. We are people of ideas and delights. There is no finer HEDONIST than a GEMINI. If you find yourself attracted to one of us, don’t get mad, don’t take shit personally, don’t draw conclusions about what you think we are, cause most of that shit stems from your own needs, wants, and insecurities. If we even remotely express our hearts and emotions to you, you are IN. We don’t waste our breath promising lofty ideals to those we don’t truly desire.

GEMINI’S are also the worst flirts (who doesn’t love the nectar of several flowers). We like shiny pretty things, but once you are in our hearts we are loyal. We might flirt, but it doesn’t mean anything if we are in to you. Gemini’s are flaky, fickle, and flightily. We are the most frustrating people on the planet, but we are worth it. A GEMINI might drive you crazy but if you are stranded, need to post bail, need something fixed or need someone to show up for you in a crisis GEMINI is your best bet. We just need to be told, with urgency that we are needed, and we represent. Gemini’s can be intense, abrasive, loud, obnoxious, chatty, aggressive, passionate, quick witted, and deep thinking. If you are looking for shallow we will entertain those delights, because we are lovers of beauty, fashion, music, and art, but even that isn’t shallow to us, for everything has meaning and worth when we love it.

Every time I meet a GEMINI I know it within about fifteen minutes. We have instant chemistry. It might not be physical, but it’s always mental. Out of the four major relationships I have had in my life three of my boyfriends have been Gemini’s. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It takes one to know one or a GEMINI will crush you without even meaning to. I am eternally grateful to my three GEMINI flames. The first taught me how to think for myself, the next taught me how to look into the fires of my own soul and own my shit, the third healed my heart. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my GEMINI brothers and sisters reminding me that GEMINI’S are FUCKING SPECTACULAR no matter WHO THINKS WE ARE TOO MUCH.

The next time someone finds you abrasive and too much don’t worry and don’t let it get to you. I take criticism about legit things, but not about my tendencies that make me GEMINI. I am proud of what I am and wouldn’t want to be any other sign, even though I do appreciate the vast network of signs in my life.

I wrote this, because in the past week I don’t know what is going on cosmically but a lot of my GEMINI’S and I are getting slammed for our nature and it doesn’t feel good. It hurts. I am a very tolerant and accepting person, and when I am met with intolerance I have a hard time. It feels unjust. If I am ever acting in an unjust way, please let me know. It is not the kind of individual I ever want to be and it’s been a great lesson for me.

I love you all, my GEMINI brood.

This one goes out to: Nick Yarabinec, Laura Saffioti, Marcio Giraldo, Jason Polinko, Suzanne Demontigny, Ryan Guay, Jake Kirkpatrick, Joanna Mandell, Nancy Alpert, Koa Cohen, and whatever other Gemini’s I forgot. You’ll forgive me, I’m a space cadet.

XO, Kelly Marceau

Coined the “Cosmo of Spirituality” by her fans, Kelly Marceau has a way of blending “surface and substance” that is inimitably hers. When Kelly coined the term “Sexy. Conscious. Awake.” she sought to bridge the gap between the unconscious and conscious world. Kelly believes that integration of the masculine and feminine, the emotional realm and intellect is the only way to understand the true power of polarity. She seeks to help people understand this gap in a profound way, so that the struggles most people face in contemporary life are less scary and overwhleming. Kelly has a B.A. in Philosophy with an emphasis in Religious Studies and has written for Yoganonymous, My Tiny Secrets, Raw Attraction Magazine, The Good Men Project and Kellymarceau.com.