Guidance is the key to unlock what’s already inside of you.

The foundation of SCA was built on the desire to help other’s heal and extract the power of meaning from the wounding that has affected and dominated most of your unconscious patterning in relationships your whole life.This process can be overwhelming when you are afflicted by issues and you don’t exactly know what you know. If you think you need a psychotherapist, a coach, or a mentor we can help you find the right match for your personal needs.


We offer an array of talented individuals specializing in different skills.


Please note: coaching and mentorship programs are for those very serious about taking it to the next level. If you are on a budget group coaching might work better for you. It’s more cost effective and sometimes hearing others helps you understand yourself in a more profound way. Coaching and Mentorship are only sold in 3-6 month packages whereas therapy and group coaching are more cost effective.


Please do not fill out this form if you are not dead serious about guidance. It’s a waste of our time and yours if you’re just desperate and want to feel better but can’t take personal accountability. These services are not cheap and though we have several offerings to meet everyone where they are, we are only open to those who are deeply committed to self-growth and empowering themselves.


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1). In a few sentences, please tell us about your relationship issues: what keeps arising and what are you struggling to overcome and heal from? (required)

2). How conscious would you say you are? Do you fall for men/women and have no idea why? Do you actually consciously choose your partners? (required)

3). What do you desire most from relationships? Meaning, why do you want to have relationships? What value do you think they can add to your life? (required)

4). What issues do you have personally that you struggle with? How devoted are you to committing to personal growth? Do you want to do the work or do you just want someone to make it better? (required)

5). What is your love style? How do you love others? How do you want to be loved? What are a couple of examples of the times you felt most loved?(required)

6). Who hurt you first or more in your life? Your mother or your father? (required)

7). Do you feel disempowered and struggle to hold what you know inside you're worth? Do you want someone else to save you or show up for you or do you want to show up and save yourself? (required)

8). Would you like to see a woman or a man? Why do you feel one is better for you than the other? (required)

9). What song is the soundtrack of your life? What song mimics what you are presently feeling? (required)

10). What do you hope to heal and gain from this experience? Please tell SCA anything in this box you think will help us better understand your needs and wants. (required)

I give SEXY. CONSCIOUS. AWAKE. permission to contact me via email or phone.

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  • Meet Kelly Marceau

    Kelly Marceau: Mother, Guide, Writer, Seer, GEMINI

    Kelly isn’t a coach. She’s not a therapist. She’s a guide.

    She believes what you need is already inside of you. No one has your answers, no one knows what is best for you. You do. But sometimes the light inside of you becomes clouded and it’s difficult to see or hear your own inner voice and you need someone with the gift of sight to guide you back to your truth.

    If you come to Kelly she can help you find the right guides. She is not always the best fit for people, though she is excellent at knowing where to direct people. She has curated a group of individuals she trusts who have varied skills and gifts. If she is a good fit for you, you must be ready to make a commitment. She is not a drop in kind of mentor. You either value yourself and what it takes to truly heal, and choose to step into the process of rediscovering your power or you don’t. If you want to be wishy washy find a therapist, they’re great at deep seeded unconscious work. If you have what it takes to be the best version of you, you’ve come to the right place.

    Kelly has a B.A. in Philosophy with an emphasis in Religious Studies and has written for Yoganonymous, MyTiny Secrets, Raw Attraction Magazine, The Good Men Project and Kelly has also ghost written for MindBodyGreen, Positively Positive, Natural Cures, The Master’s Shift and Elephant Journal. Her background in psychology stems from extensive experience with transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. She is a devout advocate of 5 Element Chinese Acupuncture, which treats the spirit and houses the soul in the body to keep the emotional body and mental body in harmony. She receives regular treatments to stay in alignment (when her favorite acupuncturist is in town and not in Hawaii).

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