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For The MEN Who Give A $h!t

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This goes out to the MEN of THE WORLD who still feel a pulse, who don’t submit to apathy, and who GIVE A SHIT.

You cannot claim the power of your masculinity if your motivation in life is to check out, go numb, not deal, under acknowledge or SEE when you drive women insane with your issues that stifle you. If you’re a man who turns a blind eye to the greed, corruption, desamation of the planet, the pain that women carry from years of abuse and oppression, the emasculation so many men embody from lack of support, and the children who suffer, because somewhere down the line you revoked your right to masculinity, you must OPEN YOUR EYES.


It, along with women, children and the planet have been abused and this gift has been forgotten.

When you are given something and it is taken it means you don’t deserve it, especially when you are coming at things for the wrong reasons.

If you have lost connection to your truth you have abused your masculinity, along with it’s power.


This is for the men who don’t need someone to tell them you are capable of so much MORE.

For the MEN who give a shit about the women of the world, our children, and the future of the planet.

The MEN who want to harness the nature of their boy-spirit and protect his pure aspects into MANHOOD.

The MEN who will fight for what is right and not bow to anyone.

The MEN who don’t need women to nag them or tell them to be better men.

The MEN who raise their women to the best version of herself, without disempowering her when we try to get away with shit that is beneath our potential or what she deserves.

The MEN who value ethics over profits.

The MEN who are creative and intelligent enough to create uncorrupt systems.

The MEN who desire to know what they are made of without forgetting about those who helped them rise.

The MEN who are disturbed by the state of the world and the leaders threatening human potential and ability.

The MEN who expect more of themselves and do what it takes to be the best they can be.

The MEN who struggle and are wounded and are scared to tell someone they need help.

The MEN whose spirits were broken as boys when their own father’s didn’t foster their worth and potential.

The MEN who don’t want to sell themselves out or work jobs they hate.

The MEN who struggle with integrity and don’t know how to admit the fear they have that they won’t be loved or important if they don’t measure up.

The MEN who want to be who they know they are inside but are terrified to claim that POWER and KNOWING.

The MEN who used to be little boys and felt robbed of their birth-right: TO KNOW THEMSELVES and NOT DOUBT THEMSELVES.

The MEN who can and want to protect women and children.

The MEN who don’t play small.

The MEN who can and want to be good role models for their sons and daughters.

The MEN who want to give and receive LOVE.

The MEN who are willing to call bullshit on the men who act less than what they are capable.

The MEN who love fiercely and desire the grace and wisdom of the feminine.

The MEN who are ready to clean up the mess continued by our fathers, grandfathers and ancestors.

The MEN who hear what women are really saying, even when women don’t know how to say it directly.

The MEN who are more man than the masculine rising in women.

The MEN who want to create better systems and envision a world beyond greed and false power.

The MEN who won’t abuse power for personal gain or the sake of power.

The MEN who understand the art of being gifted with what you earn and giving to others.

The MEN who want to receive a woman’s love, only if he is worthy of her.

The MEN who hear the cries of women and do what it takes to heal, so that women are not alone in the quest for reclaiming the truth of our original natures.

The MEN who want to know their souls.

The MEN who remember a world where the masculine didn’t need to dominate in order to be powerful.

The MEN who can and will put victimizers in their place.

The MEN who still want to discover what they are made of without forgetting those they love and the importance of leading with love as the right path.

The MEN who still like to have a good time and let their adventurous, creative, untamed spirits guide the world into a new paradigm.

The MEN who haven’t forgotten how to LIVE and LOVE.

The MEN who can do what they dream without cutting corners.

The MEN who confront their fears.

The MEN who need to talk about their struggles and find the courage to work through what holds them down.

The MEN who know they are so much more but no one has ever showed them or told them that they are MORE.

The MEN who know they are GREAT without having to PROVE IT.

The MEN who show their love in their actions.

The MEN who were hurt by their fathers and are scared to be unloved.

The MEN who felt they needed to be the man for their mother, because their father couldn’t and who still need to be healed and set free.

The MEN who are tired of sleeping and want to WAKE.

The MEN who have the ability to create and want to reclaim their power as CREATORS.

If you are not proud of the man you are and you want more for yourself, you need to do something.

Excuses, apathy, lack of effort and cowardice when so many women in the world are pioneering the path for emotional growth and conscious evolution is not reflecting the male species well.


Our minds, spirits, and hearts can and must show the world a different reality of MEN.

If you can have fun, explore the world and forge your own path, it’s not hard to explore your inner landscape.

It’s only as hard as you make it to be the kind of MAN YOU WOULD ADMIRE.

If you are a man who struggles with activating your masculinity, the aspect of you that takes action but you feel numb or you are suffering from emotional paralysis, where you are more afraid of not getting what you want and need then you are about the truth of your limitations — you need to talk to someone. No one can make you take action but you and every second you don’t take action you allow yourself to be consumed by your wounds. You indulge your suffering and you are not useful to the world or women in this state when you are stuck.

If you are man who is too alpha for his own good, thinks he’s had an ego death and should be followed, you need to recognize that you can be so far into your spiritual ego you can’t tell your face from you ass. Using your intellect and your knowledge as a cover for your inadequacies is not getting the world anywhere. Swarms of you guys exist and swear you’re enlightened or capable, but if you’re pointing the right direction for all the wrong reasons and all your desire for change doesn’t really do anything other than stroke your ego, you are still missing the mark.

If you think you’re a decent guy but you don’t really know what kind of man you are because you may be: confused, on the brink of a break through, stifled by fear, over eager, pissed, wanting something, needing something and you just want to do something more but you still need to prove yourself because no one has seen you for who you are or inspired you to bring out the version of you that isn’t confused, that’s knows what to do but struggles to get there, you have to make the first move.

The MEN of the world have a mess to clean up and it’s time for us to take the power back.

We are NEEDED.


I choose not to be a man I wouldn’t admire. What do you choose? If you give a shit, join me in the reclaimation of masculinity by checking out our course in activating your power below:

Emilio Riccardo

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