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Crystal Prescription for Full Moon in Capricorn: Sodalite

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Sodalite is one of the deep blue stones used by the ancients to access full contact with Divine Guidance.

Sodalite is solid, grounding you to earth energy while supporting full, open contact through your 5th and 6th chakras. You want to keep yourself grounded and connected to the Earth as the Moon peaks to full, while feeling the full illumination to be able to release what no longer serves.

Feelings will definitely rise to the surface as you release – let them! As you meditate with Sodalite ask for the wisdom of the ancestors, who also had to navigate extremely challenging times, for guidance and support.

Remember to cleanse your Sodalite after meditating. Submerge the crystal into a bowl of water. Sprinkle with Himalayan salt. Let sit for at least 2 hours, overnight is best. Keep out of sunlight, like you would for all your crystals. Crystals are born and grow deep in the Earth so in order to keep their brilliance, keep out them of the sun.

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Cindy Morris, msw, is a practicing astrologer, writer, humorist, and presenter. She is the author of Priestess Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job and co-author of A Call to Light Workers, A Time for LOVE, The Loved and Cherished Heart: Awakening Self-LOVE, A Traveler’s Guide to LOVE, and numerous short memoir pieces. Cindy has a Masters in Social Work, has run a successful flower shop, was raised in the Bronx, and now lives in Boulder, Colorado where she collaborates with intuitive healer and crystologist, John Corsa, in their transformational work: Ignite Your Soul Potential.