Crystal Prescription for Full Moon in Capricorn: Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the deep blue stones used by the ancients to access full contact with Divine Guidance. Sodalite is solid, grounding you to

4 Asteroid Goddesses In The Sky Right Now: Will You Answer Their Call?

The world is experiencing a great upheaval at the moment. We call into question our cultural rules, societal norms, governmental workings and religious affiliations. This

The Evolution of SEXY. CONSCIOUS. AWAKE. Women: Taste The Feminine Roar

I’d like to allow my VULNERABILITY¬†to shine through in this piece. Two years ago when I wrote the first installment of the original viral post

Could You Be Double-Souled or Occupied By A Dead Spirit?

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger…it does. This SCA exclusive came to us from a writer who wishes to remain anonymous,

Monogamy Monday: The Potential of Monogamy

Monogamy used to make me cringe and think about a boring ass existence. The same person, day after day. Sounded a lot more like monotony

Driving Boulder: A Conscious Woman’s Tale of Road Rage

Driving in Boulder, Colorado, is like bad sex with a random stranger. You just want to get from point A to point B when suddenly

Are Your Beliefs Really Your Beliefs?

Have you ever wondered why you believe what you believe? I know it seems like a beautiful and individualistic ideal to think that we chose

Why I’m Breaking Up With New-Age Spirituality

“Spirituality isn’t religious,” said a spiritual man to me the other day. I smiled, knowing better than to challenge him. When it comes to challenging

I Found EPIC LOVE When I Stopped Doing This . . .

For the longest time I had no idea if I believed in true love. I think deep down I did, but I didn’t want to

I FORGOT How To Live

I never intended to become a blogger. I never knew that the words in my heart would be out there for the whole world to