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Sharing Is Sexy

Sexy on the inside is a craft.

When I put the word “sexy” in front of the words “conscious” and “awake” I was blown away by all the spiritual snobs who came out of their proverbial “hater hole” and had something to say about how dare I sully or snuff the holier than thou sacred words of spirituality “conscious” or “awake” with the nasty dirtay word that even hints of anything sexual, like the word — SEXY!

Who the hell am I to think I can talk about being sexy and conscious or awake at the same time?

Because apparently you can be polyamorous, have sex pets and do copious amounts of drugs as a spiritual tycoon who’s sooooo evolved, but it’s not politically correct to have the word sexy next to the word conscious or awake without being seriously —unsexy.


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When will the imbeciles get that if your spirituality, reality, or duality are uncomfortable with the word sexy next to anything sacred, but then you’re open to having romantic relationships (which require a whole helluva lot of sexy and sex to keep the “relationship” romantic) or you think that being conscious or awake suddenly makes you celibate or a nun, well — what should I say to someone like you, other than you’re just a self-righteous ignoramus who’s “light” is  not really all that bright, after all.

It’s time for all the sexy snuffers to look into the fire pits of their own shadows, because anyone who chooses to sully sex in the name of spiritual or sacred anything, doesn’t know a damn thing about what the hell is really sacred.

I know. I know. Calling people on their shit is so not sexy to some of you, but for someone like myself, the truth is damn sexy, and frankly it’s the ONLY thing that makes you sexy inside.

The ability to handle the truth and live in the truth is sexy.

As a culture, it’s time that we all got off our holier than thou high horses and realized that only unsexy people who are super ugly on the inside harp on THE SEXY PEOPLE for being sexy conscious and awake at the same time. No one who is truly sexy on the inside is going to waste their time dividing sex and spirit. Leave that for the religious and spiritual nuts who can’t admit they have a guru-God-complex.

In the natural world where beauty, survival of the fittest, and thinking we all come from these perfect invisible creator Gods or divine are held as big beliefs — sex and sexy cannot be underrated or discarded like dirty laundry just because anything powerful or evocative makes some humans quiver.

Maybe it’s time humanity got off the repressive sex tip and moved on to something better and more exciting. Like — having that threesome or exploring pleasure without getting weird about how freaky and weird humanity is.

It’s not that hard to get out of your comfort zones and grow your consciousnesses without trying to pretend to be something you are not. Try it! And I guarantee sexy will be the last thing any of you turn your nose up at.

When you’re orgasming seismic waves of pleasure and you feel empowered and embodied just walking down the street, because you don’t need to front a facade to be truly hot then you have the right to snicker. Until then — lay off sexy. You can thank me later.


Let’s make one thing crystal clear about sexy on the inside. I’m not interested your inner organs. Sexy doesn’t worry about if you eat kale or drink your green juice or exercise your face off.

Sexy is a state of mind. It’s an essence of being. You could eat twinkies or snickers too and be sexy as hell on the inside simply because you forgo the guilt and shame and know how to love yourself. Someone who is sexy inside doesn’t have check list or need to follow a formula. These are just the things that matter to a sexy ass human being.

Sexy is a way. It’s an expression, like art, creativity or sexuality. It’s the only way to be inside of something uncaged and wild. When you are sexy inside there are no bounds or limits to your sexy. You can keep getting sexier. Imagine that?!

Sexy On The Inside is about the other-side of your exterior.

We are talking about your emotional interior. We are talking about your level of awareness. We are talking about — are you conscious or not?

There are two types of base sexy in this world: sexy outside and sexy inside. When a woman is sexy outside she may take pride in her appearance. She may reek of self-care. She may do things that feed her soul or nourish her heart. She maybe good to the core and know the meaning of reciprocity. She may grow herself and take accountability. Her personal style may flow. Her smile may be bright. Her eyes might even sparkle. But if a woman who appears sexy on the outside has similar qualities, she looks the part because she is smokin hot aesthetically, how she behaves can change that sexy with the snap of a finger. Women with bad boundaries are so alluring to most men who also have bad boundaries, but physical beauty doesn’t equate both sexies.

If beauty and physical attraction isn’t coupled with heart and soul or what you thought is sexy at first glance turns out to be dumber than a box of rocks, any surface sexy begins to dwindle. And then sexy on the outside suddenly has a stopping point. True sexy doesn’t have an end point.

Sexy on the outside without sexy inside only goes so far. Only going so far is limited and we conscious humans love our expansion. We like both sides. Everyone has limitations and I’m not saying limitations themselves are unsexy; I’m saying that knowing your limits is sexy and using your limits to grow your being is even sexier. It’s what you’re willing to risk and how far your capable of getting out of your comfort zone that determines the kind of sexy you got and want to exude.

The greatest definition of SEXY ON THE INSIDE has wayyyyy more to do with what you have inside. This isn’t a check list or to-do list. If this shit matters to you, you already KNOW it and do something about it – EVERY FRIGGIN DAY.

  • Values –Ethics -Morals – Sense of Right and Wrong
  • Heart – Love for yourself and others, and the world.
  • Soul – Shadow Work – Psychological Work – Relationship with Self
  • Mind – Awareness/Consciousness – Intelligence and Awakening
  • Emotional Intelligence – Let’s get beyond manipulation, shady tactics and understand the power of intelligent emotion.

In our culture we put so much of an emphasis on external beauty. You can be got as hell on the outside and a hotmess on the inside.

Sexy on the inside is all about the desire to KNOW yourself, LOVE yourself, GROW yourself, BE OPEN to yourself and others, and RESPECT your relationship and healing of your heart, soul, and mind. When you’re truly sexy you want to invest in your emotional intelligence. You KNOW it makes up the fabric of your inner SEXY.

This isn’t a contest. Trying to be SEXY is not SEXY.

If you are SEXY inside it shows. You have exceptional beauty both inside and out. You invest in what matters and you own your shit. You admit when you are wrong. You don’t just stop at EGO or surface. Sexy is MORE for you and you KNOW IT. It’s both. It’s the dark and the light. The surface and the substance. It’s the duality. Even when someone has called you on your shit and you want to act like an emotional baby and deflect accountability, if you have the capacity to be the real deal — YOU ARE SEXY INSIDE. If you don’t, you’re not as sexy as you thought.

So now, answer, for yourself HOW SEXY ARE YOU INSIDE? Or does your sexy only go so far? Do you got both or you lacking some sexy?

XO, Kelly Marceau

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